Ground Water Suveys and Development Agency, Pune | Network of Observation Wells

Network of Observation Wells


Water levels are monitored through 3920 Hydrographs (observation dug well) stations, covering the entire state, in 1505 watersheds. In addition to it under Hydrology Project, 1136, state-owned Piezometer is constructed to monitor the water levels automatically through water level recorders. The data thus collected is useful in forecasting the probable scarcity area in the state after every monsoon. Assessing the ground water draft and recharge. Assisting financial institutions for disbursement of loan to the farmers for digging dug wells. Delineating the area for artificial recharge structures.




Water plays an important role for existence of mankind. The demand of water is rapidly increasing for drinking, irrigation and industrial uses. The increasing demand is also related to the increase in the population.