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District Info

  • District Info

    District -Solapur
    1.Lattitude17? 06, 18 02
    2.Longitude74? 37, 76 26
    3.Troposheet47N, 47 J, 47D, 47K And 56K

    2.Area & Population
    1.Area14844 Sq KM
    2.Total Tahasil11
    3.Total Cities10
    4.Total Villages1158
    5.Population (2001)
    1) Total Population3855000
    2) Urban Population1226000
    3) Ruler Population2629000
    4) Density of Population259/Sq KM
    5) Percentage of Literacy61.43 %
    1.Rainfall524 mm to 707 mm

    A) Summer24%, 45%
    B) Rainy64%, 83%
    C) Winter32%, 55%

    4.Land Classification
    1. Forest Area34200 Hector
    2. Non Cultivation Area78897 Hector
    3. Cultivation Area1131522 Hector
    4. Rabbi and Kharip75697 Hector
    5. Total Cultivation Area232009 Hector
    6. Irrigated Area depend on GW178809 Hector

    5.Irrigation Projects
    1. Major2
    2. Medium6
    3. Minor660

    Quaternary to RecentAlluvium
    Upper Cretaceous to Lower MioceneDeccan Trap

    7.Presence of Ground Water
    Deccan Plateau: - The Solapur district is mainly covered by Deccan Basalt which is hard in nature. But when the basalt get weathered, fractured the possibility of presence of groundwater is more. Groundwater is mainly occurs in fractured and jointed zone. At deep level it occurred in the deep aquifer formation which is confined in nature. Pre-monsoon and post-monsoon ground water level generally found 6 to 10 meters and 1.5 to 3 meters respectively.

    8.Chemical Properties of Water
    The groundwater present in Solapur district is having slightly acidic pH. It is generally used for domestic and agriculture purpose. The quantity of dissolved solids is more in some part of the district. Mainly along the villages situated on the bank of river the Sina, the Man, the Korda and the Bhima

    9.Source of Ground Water and Development
    Total Source of Ground Water and Development19900240
    Total utilization of Ground Water133277.56
    Total availability of Ground Water60519.79
    Total Watersheds64
    Number of Safe/Semi Critical/Over-Exploited Watersheds51 / 6 / 7

    10.Ground Water Development
    Fracture seal cementation8
    Jacket Well26
    Bore Blast1
    Stream Blasting2
    Hydrofracturing856/559 Successful

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