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  • District Info

    District -Jalana 

    Area of district           : 7718 sq km
    Population                  : 1618980
    District headquarter : Jalna


    Salient features of district :
    Jalna district is having shape of a palm and located between 190 20? and 200 30? N latitude 750 30? and 730 40? E longitude.

    Eastern boundary is covered by Ajanta ranges and southern boundry of district is drained by river Godavari. District is bounded by Buldhana district in north,  Parbhani in east, Beed in south and Aurangabad in west. The Ajanta plateau slopes gently eastwards to be drained by river purna and its tributaries  Khelna, Jui, Dhamna, Girja, Jeevrekha and Dudhna

    Major geological formation  is Deccan basalt with local alluvium along rivers.

    Average well depth in northern part of district is 15m whereas it is 20m in south. Average postmonsoon static water level is 7.00m

    The town Jalna is traceable as far back at the time of Lord Rama the hero of Ramayana whose cosert Seeta is suppose to have reside here at Janakpur which lateron change to Jalna.

    The town Ambad is famous for Matsyodari temple because the hill on which the temple is located is having a shape of fish ? Matsya?.Apart from this the following famous pilgrimage centres exist in jalna district.              
    • Rajureshwar Ganesha temple at Rajur
    • Jambsamarth the birthplace of Samarth Ramdas
    • Jambuwantgad famous cave of Jambuwant at Jamkhed
    • Renukamatamandir at Somthana
    • Lord Shive temple at Shambhusawargaon
    Matsyodari Temple
    Jambsamarth The Birthplace Of Samarth Ramdas
    Renukamatamandir At Somthana
    Jambuwantgad Famous Cave Of Jambuwant At Jamkhed

भूजल सर्वेक्षण आणि विकास यंत्रणा | संपर्क

मानवजातीच्या अस्तित्वासाठी पाणी महत्वाची भूमिका बजावते. पिण्यासाठी, सिंचन आणि औद्योगिक वापरासाठी पाण्याची मागणी वेगाने वाढत आहे. वाढती मागणी देखील लोकसंख्या वाढीशी संबंधित आहे.