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Chetan Pattern
Artificial Recharge to Groundwater by CHETAN-PATTERN
For Strengthening Source of Reginal Piped Water Supply Scheme
at Village, Gondumari, Taluka: Sakoli, Dist: Bhandara
1) Introduction
Groundwater is widely distributed and dependable source which is commonly developed through dug wells bore wells and tube wells. In the last two to three decades, the pace of groundwater development has proliferated mainly due to the advent of scientifically based groundwater surveys, high tech drilling technology, efficient pumping devices and availability of subsidized supply.
Artificial recharge project was undertaken by Groundwater Surveys and Development Agency and MJP at village Gond-Mori, Taluka: Sakoli, Dist Bhandara has considered this variation. the alluvial aquifers that are in the highly stressed situation have been recharged artificially. The techniques experimented have opened a new vista for replication of this to other similar areas. 
2) Back History
Executive Engineer, MJP Bhandara has prepared the Regional Piped Water Supply Scheme for 4 villages namely Gondumri, Nilaj, Palasgaon and Mahalgaon taluka: Sakoli, District Bhandara with “Surface Water ” as a source. This proposed scheme was prepared with the norm of 55-liter /capita/day. For projected population of 11600 souls, the designed annual drinking water requirement was 233 ML. For this huge drinking water requirement, MJP has considered submergence of Minor Irrigation Dam on river Chuband that had been proposed by irrigation Department Previously.
In order to ensure source sustainability, it is necessary to increase the groundwater recharge. The aquifer geometry plays role in deciding the type of recharge scheme to be adopted in the area. In this regards, Senior Geologist, GSDA , Bhandara has decided to propose artificial recharge of source well by filter trench cum groundwater dam of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Sheet, which is popularly known as “Chetan Pattern ” in the District.
3) Location
These 4 villages namely Nilaj, Palasgaon, Mahalgaon and Gondumari are located in eastern part of the district Bhandara and southeast of taluka Sakoli at about 25 km distance. They are well connected by tar road perennial.
After completion of this artificial recharge project for RPWSS of village Gyumri, a group of press reporters of various newspapers from Bhandara Dist have visited the site. They were highly impressed by the way drinking water problem of four villages s has been solved, by constructing this recharged structure. They asked the name of the structure , which has no specific nomenclature. Immediately they simply named it as a “Chetan Pattern ” as Shri Chetan Gajbhiye Senior Geologist, GSDA Bhandara solely proposed it, and media has given a huge publicity to this structure in various newspapers.
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