National Rural Drinking Water  Programme (Coverage) 

Ground Water Surveys & Development Agency (GSDA) is implementing the Solar/Electric Energy based dual pump mini piped water supply schemes under NRDWP, in the habitations totally depending on only Hand Pumps.  GSDA is also implementing the spring based mini piped water supply schemes under NRDWP in the hilly habitations where the natural springs are available nearby the habitations.Electric Energy based Dual Pump Mini Piped Water Supply Schemes -These schemes are implemented since the year 2008-09 as per the Govt. GR No. Grapapu-5310/ Pra. Kra.04/ Papu -15, Dated 11/01/2010 & revised Govt. GR NO. . Grapapu-5310/Pra. Kra. .04/ Papu -15, Dated 29/12/2011. In this scheme, 1 HP single phase electric pump is fitted along with the existing hand pump in the bore well having minimum yield 2000 liters per hour.  The water is collected in the 5000 liters capacity storage tank & it is then supplied to 30-40  households through tap water connections / public stand posts. The rain water harvesting structure for the bore well recharge is also included in the scheme.This scheme has maximum expenditure limit of Rs. 2.50 Lakhs each.Since the year 2008-09 to 2016-17, the total 2915 No. of schemes are completed so far

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