GSDA deals with all the matters that are related to Groundwater

Yes GSDA work as Consultant for Groundwater services.

Yes GSDA recommends site for Dug-well for individual, by visiting the site.

 No bore well drilling for irrigation purpose, is not recommended by GSDA.

Yes GSDA will help you to calculate total water availability from your Roof top in your area and can design the structure for you.

Yes GSDA recommends a scientific way for groundwater recharge.

Yes GSDA has huge database on groundwater and related attributes (please check the website for link under Hydrology project).

You will have to be a member of the Hydrological data User Group, by filling the form which can be down loaded from the website and paying a membership fee of Rs. 500/- valid for five years

GSDA has its offices throughout the state of Maharashtra at District places. 
The addresses are available on the web site.

Water Quality

Water Quality means to find the suitability of water by analyzing it for its physical, Chemical and Bacteriological Parameters.

Yes, Regional, District and Sub divisional Laboratories of GSDA Analyze Private water Samples for Drinking Purpose.

Someone can get detailed information about water testing on phone call or offline in GSDAs Regional, District or Sub divisional level Laboratories .

Fees fixed time to time as per Government Resolution for Water Testing.

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